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Matternet One

The age of autonomous transport

Matternet ONE is the first smart drone for transportation. Send things through the air — magically, with the touch of a button. Matternet ONE revolutionizes last-mile logistics, transforming the way you access things locally.

Matternet One

A new kind of vehicle

Matternet ONE is exclusively designed for transportation. Its centrally-located payload makes it exceptionally easy to load and unload. Its unique architecture makes it light and strong enough to transport 1 kilogram over 20 kilometers on a single battery charge. Secure routes that adapt to weather, terrain and airspace allow Matternet ONE to fly autonomously beyond line of sight, without the need for a human pilot.

Matternet One


Matternet ONE is so intuitive it can be flown by everyone. With just a few touches on our mobile app, this smart drone will self-fly between landing stations you’ve authorized. No pilot or expert needed.

Matternet One


Matternet’s cloud-based routing system does all the work for you. It guides the Matternet ONE along a secure route at low altitude – between 50-100 meters above ground – adjusting for inclement weather, avoiding tall buildings, mountains and restricted airspace.

Matternet One


Matternet ONE is built to be used around people. The guarded propellers, protected payload and encrypted network communications are designed for everything we could anticipate – the onboard parachute is designed for everything that we couldn’t.

Matternet One


Unlike a car or truck, Matternet ONE is able to travel the most direct route, avoiding traffic, impassable roads, rivers and challenging terrain. Matternet ONE enables you to leapfrog the obstacles that paralyze conventional transportation.

Matternet One

For everyone

Designed and built in California, Matternet ONE prototypes have been flown in the most remote places on earth and embraced by the most trusted organizations. From the extreme altitude of the Himalayas in Bhutan, to the dense rainforest of Papua New Guinea, our technology is built to help you do something that may seem impossible.

We want to see our technology used everywhere and by everyone, revolutionizing logistics in city centers and access to goods in the most remote places on earth.

Matternet One

Make things fly

More than two thirds of the goods we access everyday weigh less than 1 kilogram. Medicine, documents, electronic goods — our need to transport lightweight goods on-demand, efficiently and cost-effectively is growing every day.

A network of Matternet ONE vehicles operating 24/7/365 is able to meet this demand at minimal cost and the smallest carbon footprint of any transportation system ever invented.